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Supporting the Hardworking Professionals behind Essential Programs

Every day, millions benefit from health and human services programs and the dedicated professionals who run them. Yet these professionals face obstacles like tons of paperwork, complex processes, isolated information systems, and difficulty communicating with colleagues. We aimed to genuinely connect with social workers and listen to their voices.
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Have Professionals Express Their Challenges In Their Own Words

We tapped into global non-profit and social networks to reach out to people worldwide, listening to their struggles and ideas for better community service. Despite a tight budget, our goal was to make a far-reaching video. In this video, health and social program experts, along with their clients, openly share the challenges they encounter, the improvements they hope for, and the positive effects of the work.


"Our team got emotional while watching this as it authentically captured our story and challenges" - IBM Employee

We played this video at IBM Watson Health workshops, trade shows, and meetings to show clients the challenges social workers face and how IBM could help. It boosted the early use of Watson in healthcare and made more people aware of artificial intelligence solutions.

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