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RCity #Rvoice


Amplifying the voices of our community.

When COVID hit, Raleigh’s economy faced tough times. We knew many people and businesses who struggled. Despite everything, our community stayed positive and stuck together. As a local business, we saw a chance to spread that positivity, turning it into a movement for good. We called this project ‘R’ City, ‘R’ Voice.
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We Listened to Raleigh

We asked the community to share their thoughts and send us a little note of support, sharing what they miss about their favorite local business. After that, we filmed each of those businesses to create a video, shining a spotlight on both the community and the local economy.


Positive Community Response

Our inbox overflowed with submissions from the community, and the people of Raleigh showed amazing support. The video campaign aims to link the community’s voice with each local business, fostering a wave of encouragement and communication while boosting spending locally. The #RCity, #RVoice movement is all about keeping our money in the community and supporting our small and medium-sized businesses. Our plan is to take this project to other nearby cities to help uplift their local economies too.

Our Contributors

Special thanks to our contributors on this project:


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