Starting Back At One

The title was not inspired by Brian Mcknight! Although I do have to admit I did like his songs in the ’90s. This is about my journey of searching for my mission, my ‘Why’, my purpose. This is about my search for better. “Better is not better for everyone” Two years ago, I decided I […]

Don’t just produce videos, think bigger, create an experience.

As consumers have gone digital and with access to the ‘World’ at their fingertips, it is no wonder marketers and advertisers are fighting for their audiences’ screen time. Brands race to be the first search result, shove their ads in your face via pre-rolls, and the list goes on. Yes, it is inevitable that our […]

Your story helps shape the narrative

During the Phase One stay-at-home order in North Carolina, many local businesses were impacted including our studio. We felt stuck, uncomfortable, and uncertain about what was to come. Impacted by the overwhelming fear of uncertainty, I decided to invite my LinkedIn community to share their voice and what they miss about their favourite spots in […]