Who we are

Storytellers That Value All Voices

Our Story

The Birth of Two Dots

Two Dots founder Aaron Thaddeus visited Andrews, NC to view the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, and noticed something powerful. Everyone discussed the event, sharing a unified experience and taking the opportunity to learn. This sparked Aaron’s curiosity about using common elements like stories and shared experiences to connect people, just like the “two dots” joining together in the sky.

Giving Clarity to Your Cause.

We’re living in a time when both brands and consumers want things to be clear and genuine. In the past, creatives made plans without involving the people who would be most affected by what we create. That’s where Two Dots steps in.

Through video, audio, and motion design, our goal is to tell stories that include everyone. We make connections and help brands share what matters most to them, all while considering what their audience really cares about.

Our Recipe For Good Storytelling

Be Inclusive

When everyone’s voice is heard, better work happens. We consider our team, clients, peers, and community when making creative decisions.

Tune in

Great storytelling starts with listening. That means hearing our clients out until we grasp their needs and goals. Tuning in helps us figure out the best way to tell each story from our clients' perspective.

Value people’s time

We know time and energy are precious. We come prepared and stick to a clear schedule, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best.

Collaborate brilliantly

Collaboration makes our projects well-rounded and inclusive. We appreciate your input and are open to a range of ideas.

Be adaptable

Unexpected changes in your team, project goals, or budget? No problem! We'll stay calm and keep creating, standing by you through any challenges.

Innovate thoughtfully

We’re fans of trying new things but also know when to stick with what works. We keep an open mind for all projects. Amid the daily rush, we brainstorm, create, adjust, learn, and come up with solutions that really work.

Our People

We're a group of diverse and experienced creatives, with shared values.

Our team setup lets us bring just the right blend of skills and experience to any project you hire us for. Together, we have a broad and varied range of expertise. Whether it’s strategy, branding, design, web development, or advertising and marketing, we rise to the occasion.

Deep Fried in North Carolina, Enjoyed Everywhere.

We’re local wherever we go.

We’re based in NC and love to support local businesses across the state. But we’re not limited to our square mile- we’ve also worked with people across the globe. We focus on the uniqueness of your location and, when appropriate, help give it a global reach.

By sticking to our values, we bring a fresh perspective to our content every time. We take a deep-dive into the people, places, and ideas that make up each project.

We Put Our People First

Meet the Dots

Miles Travitz

Production Sound Mixer

You don't have to be bigger to think bigger.

Two Dots challenges the current trends of marketing by partnering with companies who have a positive effect on the world. Our goal is to tell stories that educate, spread awareness, solve problems, and speak to communities.

We’re here to make a difference by helping organizations of all sizes craft meaningful stories through video, audio, motion design, and creative planning. Hit the button below to get in touch!

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