Your story helps shape the narrative

During the Phase One stay-at-home order in North Carolina, many local businesses were impacted including our studio. We felt stuck, uncomfortable, and uncertain about what was to come. Impacted by the overwhelming fear of uncertainty, I decided to invite my LinkedIn community to share their voice and what they miss about their favourite spots in Raleigh. 

Submissions came flooding in as people were stuck at home longing to get back out into the community.

The project made the team and I feel a sense of purpose again and deepened our connection with the community. 

A few days before releasing the video, the news of George Floyd‘s death swept the globe. Witnessing the global uprise on social media, and walking alongside other community members in peaceful protests, I truly understood the importance and necessity of our voice being heard.

The #RCityRVoice initiative spiraled into a much larger campaign that is made possible by amazing creatives from the area, who volunteered their time to build this platform. As we continue to discover the importance of capturing people’s stories, feeling acknowledged, feeling seen, feeling heard, and accepted, we welcome you to a larger project with the goal of providing a space for honest and open conversation.

Come join us and tell your story.